Sunday, March 30, 2014

Candy & Dessert Buffet

I'm crazy about candy.

And everybody Loves desserts.   

That's why I think having the Candy & Dessert Buffet at parties make it extra special. 

 They are amazing to look at, and give your party a beautiful theme & focal point that says, 
" Wow, This IS a Celebration!"

Creating this look is easy when you can rent the glassware, vintage touches
even the venue from Make it Special!

Waffle cones of trail mix nestled in a vintage soda bottle crate

Mint green was the Bride's Favorite color and set the theme with other retro candies.

Guests can help themselves to 
the gorgeous candies & treats that double as party favors.

Add some twinkling lights, honeycombs, garlands or bunting and you've got a party

Using a color palette that is different shades of just one color creates an elegant look 
perfect for baby showers & birthdays

Holiday themed candies & desserts

I enjoy collecting and ordering all the different kinds of candies for a look or theme.  Deciding which size apothecary jars and how many to use depends on the space or your budget.  Then arranging them in a pleasing presentation with the addition of a few vintage touches makes for an interesting and sweet vignette to be the focal point of the party.

~Make it Special!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Halloween Theme Weddings & Parties

I absolutely Love Halloween!

Last Halloween, I styled this spooky  fireplace mantle display at a venue downtown for a Halloween themed wedding using all these nifty vintage items available for rent from Make it Special.

 It was the focal point for their theme and the backdrop for their ceremony.

You may kiss!

Kelsey & Ian
If you are looking for a fantastic photographer in NC, contact Ali, of

I start decorating the house in September with vintage collectibles and other fun, cute Halloween themed items.

Welcome, come into my parlor...

Fall Bannister Garland

Foyer mantle display of mostly vintage paper mache, tin noisemakers, Rosbro plastic candy containers & Gurley candles

My SpoOKy parlor mantle display with Dept 56 village, spine-chilling books & vintage cardboard decorations

 Creepy buffet where the witch mixes up her potions!

Eerie Bar Buffet
Scroll down to the bottom for more items in the Make it Special Halloween decor/ vintage rentals & venue

Some tasty treats ready for guests 

Haunted Hoosier cabinet with vintage collectibles, antiques and Dept 56 village display.

On October 31st, we have a party and hang out on the veranda watching the Trick or Treaters, handing out candy and maybe giving some a spooky scare.

The old house on the hill is really spooky.

Here are some photos of past Halloween parties I have thrown/ styled