Thursday, July 24, 2014

Emily's Sweet 16 Costume Party

My youngest was turning 16 and we wanted to celebrate her 
Big Day 
like never before, really make it special. 
Sweet 16 calls for sweets, cupcakes and yummy things!

She Loves Cosplay so we decided a costume party theme would be fun for her & our guests to dress up for.  Then she got busy making her costume, 
Princess Elsa, from the Disney movie Frozen.

This is one of my favorite photos of Emily dressed up in her handmade Elsa costume.  
She looks so Lovely & beautiful!  
She worked for weeks, not only cutting and sewing but 
she made her own sequins for the bodice.  
Isn't she clever?

Invitations went out via Facebook as well as mailed through the Post Office to our special guests using these little sparkling darlings I designed and crafted using cardstock and a cupcake shaped paper punch from Stampin' Up.  Even family was coming from out of town for the occasion!

Sweet 16 Party Treats

Our Dining room table was moved against the wall with the vintage stained glass window to make way for the guests and to use as the Sweets Buffet. 
We adorn the ceiling with lots of paper lanterns, 
place twinkling lights and play swing music for a festive party atmosphere.  

Then I collected all my pretty glassware and all the bags of cute candy I've bought for the party. 
I have a small obsession with dazzling cute candy in Lovely glass jars, jadeite, vintage compotes and dishes.  It looks so inticingly tempting!  
Almost too beautiful to gobble up.

Guests could help themselves to all of the yummy treats and were encouraged to fill up a paper favor bag to take some home.

Bubble gum, Smarties, Candy necklaces, gummi worms, M&Ms, white chocolate covered pretzels, Ring pops & pretty marshmallows - All of Emily's favorites!

Easy DIY marshmallows dipped in chocolate & sprinkles

Tiny marshmallow Ice cream cones with cute sprinkles

Cotton Candy is adorable!

Festive bags of Popcorn & Kettlecorn displayed in a vintage soda crate. 

Candy fruit skewers to garnish the milkshake punch cups

Sarah, my gorgeous older daughter and party photographer, dressed as a 1960's Housewife complete with red lipstick, pearls and a beehive my mom styled for her.

Another glimpse of the fantastic party lanterns & decorations.  The Ice cream cone shaped honeycomb is a recent purchase from Target.

Scrumptious Gigi's Cupcakes minis in tempting flavors such as Pink Lemonade, Hot Fudge Sundae & Banana Split were arranged on cake stands.

16 candles on Lemon Buttercream

Time to make a wish and blow out the candles!

Singing Happy Birthday to youuuu

Some photos of all the kids in their costumes.

Looking sensational!

 Do you want to build a snowman?

Just one more of Emily.  
I think she will remember this birthday forever!

All these marvelous photos were taken by Sarah Albertson, 
check out her delightful blog, 
to see more of her outstanding photographs!!