Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Favorite Halloween Decorations

I absolutely Love decorating for Halloween!

We have been collecting vintage and other spooky cool pieces for years.  Such nifty doodads make great Birthday and Christmas gifts.  I enjoy to arranging our collections in interesting new ways.

Vintage blow molds glow on this shelf in the dining room along with some of our vintage collection of plastic Rosbro candy containers displayed in the soda crate.

Recently, I created this sweet & spooky vignette using my collection of vintage Halloween collectibles for a dear couple for their Halloween themed Wedding.

Our foyer mantle is decorated with a mix of spooky and vintage Halloween paper mache lanterns and Rosbro plastic candy containers.

The bannister looks so nice adorned with a seasonal garland of silk sunflowers, colored leaves, berries, acorns, even candy corn colored lights.

A silly sinister shelf in the kitchen

The full moon casts an eerie glow over Grimsly Manor from Department 56 sitting on the parlor mantle surrounded by twisty trees and creepy moss.

Bar setup on vintage buffet with a Wicked Halloween touch.

Don't forget to decorate outside your house.

Here's a photo of my house and yard circa 2010 decked out in full Halloween decorations.

All the photos were either taken by me, my awesome sister, Mary Ann 
or my Lovely daughter, Sarah. 

Visit her blog, Lostvestige for more of her fabulous photos.


  1. I just got so excited looking at all of these photos! I definitely want to enjoy this spooky month as much as possible, with pumpkin carving parties, bonfires, and baking lots of seasonal treats!

    1. Thank you, my dear! This is such a fun time of year, so many great activities to do with your loved ones. I'm ready for a bonfire!!!

  2. Love your blog! This looks like such a blast! Fall is my favorite season!

    Xo, Erica

    1. Thank you very much for your comment and Happy Fall!


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