Sunday, February 1, 2015

Vintage Christmas Collections - Highlights of My Christmas 2014 Decorating - Part 2

We have this gorgeous antique secretary in the parlor that I've been crazy about since we brought it home with us to NC years ago. It has a roll top, nifty little pigeonhole slots and it belonged to my husband's mother.  This year I decided to decorate it for Halloween and Christmas using our collection of vintage holiday stuff.  I really like the way it turned out!

It's situated in a pretty dark corner so I decided to add a strand of sparkling lights as well as some light up plastic blow molds.

I'm always fascinated by the interesting graphics on vintage packaging and tins, like the pocket tobacco tins that are tucked into a few of the pigeonholes, and all the Christmas lights and ornament  boxes.

I know this photo is kind of redundant but I like the lighting, especially in the cabinet.

Here's a closeup of all the vintage goodies on the bottom and middle shelves with the doors open.  It's just filled with charming collectibles.

The vintage stuff on the top shelf in the background from left to right is a children's book, a box of Swedish angel chimes and a box of unused cards.  The vintage boxes on the middle shelf are both light sets and in the middle is a game where you snag the ring on Santa's mustache.

Not the best photo but it shows the cute box details.  
Don't you LOVE the silver glitter on the reindeer antlers?  

A couple more closeups to show the detail of the spiffy graphics.  I especially like the box details of the Diamond Ray Jeweled Icicles.

A part of me yearns to keep these Christmas cuties up all year.
I'm tempted to do just that because I don't have so many vintage Valentine decorations but I do have a fair amount of vintage plastic bunny rabbits tucked away somewhere in the attic!
They might look interesting grouped together inside this cabinet.


  1. This was such a pretty display! I love how all the vintage ornaments are illuminated by the lights. I am excited to see what you put in there next!

    1. Thank you, Sarah, that's very kind of you to say!

    2. Thank you, Sarah, that's very kind of you to say!


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