Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mad Hatter/ Valentine Tea Party

   A few years ago, my daughter and I, hosted a mad tea party inviting all the little homeschool girls in our American Girl club.  
At the time we were obsessed with all things Alice in Wonderland {and still are!!!} 
We had a ball thinking up all the clever ways we could work decorating with the theme.  We hung lights and paper lanterns in our dining room and gathered mismatched vintage chairs around the table set with pretty china tea pots & tea cups.

We geared our celebration towards little girls with cakes & candies, served punch and did a craft together but the theme would work for any type of party whether it be a birthday, Mother's Day tea or a celebration like a bridal shower.

 The main table was decorated with chess pieces, playing cards, all kinds of fun retro candies and lots of colorful paper hearts.

We thought Ring Pops would be a fun candy to serve along with candy necklaces and bracelets.  Those are chocolate biscuit mushrooms in the vintage cut glass dish, lower right-hand corner!

We found those retro candy wax bottles to label 'Drink Me' 

Little vials of bubbles were labeled 'Don't drink me!'
Little pink heart shaped cakes with 'Eat me' written in icing served on a vintage green depression glass server

The bubbles were a big hit!  All the girls were encouraged to dress up cute & colorful for the Mad Tea Party, so many wore party dresses, hats and lots of jewelry.


  1. I remember this! I love those little cakes with "Eat me" written on it, so cute!

    1. Thank you, Sarah, it was a lot of fun to do!!

  2. wow,such nice day
    enjoy your happy here
    have a beauty time
    keep in touch,dear


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