Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easter Themed Parties & Vintage Collectibles to Rent

 These colorful beauties are vintage Knickerbocker, Rosen, Rosbro, Irwin plastic Easter candy containers, banks & rattles from the 1950's that we have been collecting.

 So many bunnies, chicks & duckies!

Easter themed parties:  Egg dying, Easter Egg hunts, dinner parties

Hanging out with Bunny Rabbits

Hunting for Easter eggs in the garden.    

I enjoy making sweet little Easter time vignettes in my planter boxes using spring bulbs, violets, ferns, mosses and other spring plants, tiny bunny planter picks, nifty bird houses, and twinkling bunny lights.

How do you like to celebrate Easter ?

For more cute Easter / Spring decorating & party ideas visit my pinterest board

Happy Spring!!!


  1. I've always loved your Easter decorations! That reminds me of that weird computer theme we had..Hehe.

    I got very excited for springtime looking at these!

  2. Thank you for taking such fantastic photos of all that stuff, so many Bunnies!!! ps I still have that theme set on that old computer


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