Sunday, March 30, 2014

Candy & Dessert Buffet

I'm crazy about candy.

And everybody Loves desserts.   

That's why I think having the Candy & Dessert Buffet at parties make it extra special. 

 They are amazing to look at, and give your party a beautiful theme & focal point that says, 
" Wow, This IS a Celebration!"

Creating this look is easy when you can rent the glassware, vintage touches
even the venue from Make it Special!

Waffle cones of trail mix nestled in a vintage soda bottle crate

Mint green was the Bride's Favorite color and set the theme with other retro candies.

Guests can help themselves to 
the gorgeous candies & treats that double as party favors.

Add some twinkling lights, honeycombs, garlands or bunting and you've got a party

Using a color palette that is different shades of just one color creates an elegant look 
perfect for baby showers & birthdays

Holiday themed candies & desserts

I enjoy collecting and ordering all the different kinds of candies for a look or theme.  Deciding which size apothecary jars and how many to use depends on the space or your budget.  Then arranging them in a pleasing presentation with the addition of a few vintage touches makes for an interesting and sweet vignette to be the focal point of the party.

~Make it Special!

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